Item collection 4959296 original

Etched Copper Norse Rune Earrings with Silver Posts


Item collection 4693338 original

Industrial Style Post Earrings Abstract Etched Copper and Silver


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Butterfly Earrings, Dark Brass with Amethyst Crystals


Item collection 1f89b7ea c719 4b48 8864 33356e8bce76

Red and Black Chandelier Heart Earrings, A Little Burlesque


Item collection 37ea1c68 0ed6 48f3 871c 7934f8b05381

Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings with Pyrite and Key Charm


Item collection a9a4dd4c 45ca 4c86 bc48 34ff8da72f84

Purple Heart and Bronze Gear Earrings, Steampunk Style, with Gemstone Drops


Item collection 72161c18 4cb7 4631 9986 128809ccb568

Gear Earrings, Steampunk Purple Hearts


Item collection 5d9bdec2 7222 4acd ac6c 86f2c68e4a0a

Gear Earrings, Gold Flecked


Item collection 5219689 original

Hammered Bronze Chandelier Earrings with Labradorite Teardrops


Steampunk, Fantasy and Victorian Style Handmade Jewelry

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